Window Alert – Anti-Collision Stickers to Prevent People and Bird Strikes on Window Glass – Set of 39 Tree Leaves Decals – Color: Translucent/Dusted



Color:Translucent Dusted

Use these ‘anti-collision’ leaves stickers to warn off birds (or people, pets,…) so they are prevented from bumping into window glass. Perfect for verandahs, bay windows, glass window panels… Set of 39 tree leaves silhouettes of different shapes and sizes – see picture. For a pleasing, natural effect. When the sun’s rays fall on glass panels, verandah doors or bay windows these surfaces can act like mirrors. These leaves decals prevent bird strikes. Stickers are coloured on both sides. Colour of the stickers is visible both from the outside as well as from the inside. It is advisable to apply them on the outside surface of the glass. High quality materials with long-lasting adhesiveness ( will not fall off over time, resistant to rain, freezing weather conditions and cleaning agents )… and their colour will not fade over time either. If you possess large windows then it is advisable to apply a greater number of stickers. By ordering several batches of this product you will be able to combine different colours in your window display. How to remove them ? These leaves silhouettes are resistant to washing. You do not have to remove them for cleaning. There are resistant to soap, rain, frost, sun ray (no discoloration), summer heat,… There are not repositionable (removed and re-placed) because we chose a high quality for the glue (more than 10 years). If you want to remove them in some years, small glue residues may remain stuck. Simply use soap, nail polish remover or mild solvent to remove the residues.

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